Have you ever wondered how you can be more sustainable in your day-to-day life? Well, Discover Fulham has you covered! Here are our top tips on how you can be more sustainable in the local area.
Sustainable Grocery Shopping
One of the best things you can do to minimise your impact on the environment is to support local! Why not pick up your groceries from North End Road Market this week? Produce will have far fewer air miles (if any), and you’ll certainly be putting a smile on the face of a local trader too!

You can reduce your overall food waste by creating shopping plans and buying only what you need.
Try and avoid any unnecessary plastic bags! Bring your own bag when you shop.
Take the time to research how to correctly store produce, to avoid them spoiling.

Sustainable Fashion & Beauty
Did you know that the clothing industry has a bigger impact on the environment than the aviation and shipping industries combined?!

Fulham is packed with charity shops, meaning not only are you reducing your carbon footprint and donating to good causes, but you’ll also be finding some bargains too!

Instead of buying a new dress or outfit for a single event, think about renting as an alternative.
Keep an eye out for eco-friendly brands and beauty tools.
Recycle your old beauty products where possible. (Containers can be very useful once they have been cleaned!)

Sustainable Eating
Our diets have a big impact on the world around us. Eating more plant-based foods is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your general health.

To experience a true taste of healthy and eco-friendly vegan cuisine, be sure to head down to Fulham’s Feel Good Vegan Fest! The festival will be at Normand Park on the 18th of September.

In the mean time, here are some tips how you can be sustainable when eating!

Eat less meat. By cutting back on meat consumption just one day a week, you can reduce your personal impact by 15 percent.
Try eating more whole foods and plant based alternatives.
Grow your own fruit and vegetables or choose organic produce where possible.
Sustainable Commuting
Dust off the bike, dig out that helmet and start cycling your daily commute instead of driving or taking public transport.

If you find that your bike’s seen better days, don’t worry! Pop down to Normand Park any Saturday this month for your free bike maintenance check, courtesy of Dr. Bike.

Here are some tips on how you can be sustainable while commuting.

Walk or cycle rather than using a car.
#OneStepGreener #GetPedalling
When travelling long distances, try and use greener public transport to avoid car emissions.
If commuting to work, carpool with colleagues.

Sustainable Gifting
Every time we gift sustainably, we’re also gifting something back to the environment!

Make your next gift extra thoughtful and consider the environment too. There are so many eco-friendly present ideas out there. Let us give you a few tips:

Think about gifting a service or an experience (memories last a lifetime).
Try your hand at baking and gift some homemade goodies!
Grow your own flowers and create your own personalised bouquet.