Fulham Broadway BID - The 2021 Halftime Report
We’re taking some time to appreciate the ongoing work Fulham Broadway BID has been doing throughout 2021 alongside local businesses.

The start of this year has been tricky for businesses and locals alike. Strict lockdowns have halted footfall through the centre of Fulham, leaving shopfronts empty for long periods of time.

In true Fulham spirit, we’ve all adapted to make the best of a bad situation. Playing their part, Fulham Broadway BID has done what they can to support local business owners to hit the ground running as restrictions have eased.

The BID has run online and promotional events, training courses, and even decorated the streets with some more colour. We really hope you’ve noticed a buzz building as we slowly move away from this difficult period for retail, entertainment, and food & beverage!

Here is a look back on the first half of 2021 and the events run by Fulham Broadway BID so far…

Fulham Food & Drink Week | 26-31st July

Fulham Food & Drink Week proved a great success in promoting food venues within the BID area.

The online event saw five local restaurants invite a local food blogging influencer to their venue for a taste of the very best they have to offer! As part of the campaign, the influencers shared their experiences with tens-of-thousands of their followers.

In addition to the five participants, the BID partnered with The Prince to offer one lucky winner a meal and cocktails-for-two as part of a campaign giveaway.

If you have special offers you’d like to promote, let us know and we can help you spread the word!

Health & Wellbeing Week
| 26-31st July
Off the back of a successful Fulham Food & Drink Week, the BID decided to host the next online campaign - Health & Wellbeing Week.

Fulham Health & Wellbeing Week was a week-long initiative to help keep Fulham healthy - both physically and mentally. This meant celebrating all of our amazing local businesses that provide health, beauty and wellness services.

The Instagram campaign saw Discover Fulham sharing special offers for relevant local businesses, as well as health and wellness tips for those following the page!

Do you have an idea for a themed week to help your sector? Let us know and together we can spread the word that Fulham Broadway welcomes everyone!

Stickers & Banners

You may have noticed a touch of colour in the streets of Fulham in the last few months. Well, that is thanks to the Fulham Broadway BID!

Look down at the floor and you’re bound to see the inspirational quotes on a brightly coloured sticker. Similarly, if you’re looking upwards you will see our eye-catching lamppost banners.

These are designed to direct locals towards all of the online content created by Discover Fulham and the BID promoting local businesses. You may have seen a particularly large banner in Fulham Broadway Station...
Online Events
In addition to the public events and initiatives, the BID continues to offer lots of free services to the local area.

One recent addition was the installation of free local Wi-Fi! Designed to connect the Fulham area seamlessly, every corner of the BID now has access to free Wi-Fi.

A range of free events have also been set up for BID members, including an introduction to the new local neighbourhood watch software and first aid training courses.

Stay up to date with all of the upcoming events by following both Fulham Broadway BID and Discover Fulham on social media.