Social Distancing & Hygiene Signage

Social Distancing & Hygiene Sticker Kit £195 exc VAT + PP

Kit contains 12 stickers:

Window/Smooth Wall Sticker (300mm W x 420mm H)

x1 Social Distancing In Operation (CV19-1002.1/C/FG) This code needs to

Floor Stickers (400mm Diameter)

x1 Please Respect Social Distance Guidance (CV19-1003.1/K/FG)
x4 Please Stand Here – Be Socially Safe (CV19-1004.1/K/FG)
x4 One-Way – Be Socially Safe (CV19-1005.1/K/FG)

Toilet Facility Stickers

x1 How to Wash Your Hands Properly (CV19-1006.1/B/SAF-M)
x1 Stop Wash Your Hands (CV19-1007.1/J/SAF-M)
(Kit Product Code: CV19-1001.1/KIT/VAR)

Kit Install Information
  • Easy apply stickers
  • Clean surfaces with mild soapy water and allow to dry prior to application
  • Apply with plastic card or squeegee
Product Information
  • Window/smooth wall sticker in laminated hi-tac vinyl
  • Textured anti-slip hi-tac hard-wearing vinyl floor stickers
  • Floor stickers are recommended for internal use on hard floor surfaces
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