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Social Media Marketing from £750/Month

Our digital teams have the right balance of technical expertise and sector experience to connect with hard to reach digital audiences, converting them to valued customers. We are on the leading edge of social media innovations and exploitation, always eager to push the boundaries of what is possible to deliver an engaging journey for users and ultimately maximise conversion. 

Do you want to sit back and relax?

Having InspoHub means you can sit back and relax whilst we implement a spot-on strategy determining what will make your social accounts skyrocket above the rest. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, build trust for your brand, or drive sales, InspoHub will help you to achieve your goals.

Social Media Package:

  • Dedicated social media manager
  • Strategy & content plan
  • 5 posts per week across 2 social media platforms
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Content publishing
  • Community engagement
  • Monthly analysis and reporting

Cost: £750 + VAT per month

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How does InspoHub deliver social media service?

STEP 1: Meet and Greet
InspoHub delivers a personal touch - we want you to know, trust and build a relationship with our team. The first meeting is about understanding each other and for our team to fully understand your business, its services and its objectives.

STEP 2: Audit
Seeing what you have done before helps us decide the best path forward. We look at what worked and what could’ve been done differently to maximise the impact of our strategy.

STEP 3: Strategy, content guide and content plan
With everything we learnt about your business from the initial meeting and after analysing prior marketing output of you and your competitors, we create a bespoke strategy. So long as you are happy with the strategy, a content guide and plan will also be published. These documents will keep your marketing output consistently driving your business with effective and on-brand messaging, iconography and structure.

STEP 4: Content creation
Our creative team will produce textual and visual content for your business based on the pre-defined content plan. Copy and graphic design will be sent to your team before publishing for approval.

STEP 5: Service delivery
Sit back and watch the posts publish. You can easily communicate with your dedicated marketing specialist at any time to discuss content together, devise plans and talk generally about progress. Communication between you both is key and is the deciding factor to achieve the best results. Please, note that each platform is used for a different purpose. Your social media manager will advise which platform(s) will be the best to achieve your marketing objectives.

InspoHub will also help you build relationships both with those already within and outside of your existing community. For example, replying to comments from your followers, engaging on their posts, finding relevant people who don’t know about your brand yet and focusing on bringing new people to your pages.

STEP 6: Monthly Analysis
At the end of every month, your social media manager will update your monthly analysis document, so that you can both keep track of growth and make necessary improvements to your socials overtime.

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