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Advantage Utilities

Advantage Utilities
Advantage Utilities was founded by Andy Grover following a career in the energy sector and sales management, previously co-owner to Abbey Utilities, a successful utilities broker, Andy set up Advantage Utilities in 2001. Since then, it has become Fulham BID’s preferred utilities provider, offering ways to reduce, consolidate and streamline your utility needs.

We specialise in electric, gas, waste, water, telecoms & merchant services (PDQ machines). For us to help, all we need is a copy of the bill. Each contract that is completed through Advantage entitles you to a £50 voucher. For example, if you procure your electric, gas and PDQ through us, you’ll automatically receive £150! We have already worked with a number of businesses within the BID area.

Our latest success stories within the Fulham BID have been huge for local businesses. Recent case studies include:

  • Reducing the energy bills for the The Price Bar in West Brompton by 10%.
  • After working with The Rylston, we reduced their bills by over £3000. 
  • Having reviewed the bills for the Dance attic, we were able to reduce their bills by over 10%.

“Advantage utilities have helped us save over £2000 on our electric supply alone at The Rylston. Extremely easy to work with, the comparisons all make sense and are easy to understand. We are now working with them on our other sites and other supplies. They offer sensible advice and it is great to find someone trustworthy and local.”

Jonathan Woollard


Yellow Panda Pub Co


"I would recommend using Advantage Utilities; Greg has been very helpful throughout the whole process of switching gas suppliers and it actually just made life a lot easier. It took all the hassle out of having to compare various prices and plans, which can be a real headache, and I was actually surprised to see how much we are going to be saving."

Poppy Corbet Burcher

Dance Attic Rehearsal Studios

Right now, it can be difficult for certain business types to secure energy contracts. Due to COVID, several energy suppliers have put restrictions in place for certain business types that they class as high risk.

We’re finding that the retail, hospitality and restaurant/takeaway businesses are struggling to secure competitive rates due to their business type. Now is a great time to work with a consultant, so we can advise the best supplier to go with.

We recently won an award at the Telca for the ‘Best Wellbeing Business’ throughout the entire UK. Send us your bills and see what we can do for you!

Don’t forget that for every contract you place through Advantage Utilities, you will receive your £50 voucher. The Rylston has kindly donated theirs to charity, but you can do whatever you wish with yours.

Please make sure that during this pandemic that you are only paying for the energy that you use and ensure that your bills are correct. Again, if you are not sure, send us your bills for us to check by emailing them to

Please send as many pages as possible as they are different depending on which supplier they come from.

We can provide you with prices for 1, 2 and 3-year contracts. Using longer term prices enables you to budget for the future, as prices are fixed for that term. If you move, sell or close the business there are no penalties or claw back payments, you simply give a 7-day notice and a final meter reading. We always suggest that you take a picture of the meter (s) on the last day.

We are all working from home during this time, but we continue to offer prices and aim to get them turned around within 48 hours.

To find out more, or start your money saving journey, please visit our website by clicking here.